Thursday, April 25, 2013

Always something


I started a new ‘habit’ last summer and it’s been such a GOOD thing in my life.  It’s nothing new that hasn’t been done by lots of other people.  But it’s become a very important part of my day.  It’s based on this verse:

Rejoice in all the good things
the Lord your God has given
you and your household.
Deuteronomy 26:11

I asked myself if I really do tell God how thankful I am for all He does for me and my family.  Do I rejoice in all the good things He has given us?  Do I even stop to think what those good things are?

So I bought a little spiral notebook and every night when I get into bed, I write down five things I am thankful for.  Pretty simple, right?

I write down all kinds of things…

  • From His perspective on a tough relationship to finding a pair of sandals I wanted. 
  • From hearing His voice in making a decision to being present even when I can’t feel Him there. 
  • From helping me deal with physical pain to enjoying a cup of coffee with someone.
It’s given me the chance to look back over my day and discover the blessings and the gifts I might have missed if I just read my book and fell asleep.

It’s made me look for His purpose in things that were very hard. 

It helps me realize that God is at work even in my failures and that I can thank Him for doing something in me through them that needed to be done.

I am seeing God’s presence in my life in so many ways I would have missed.  There’s something about looking back over the day to find things to thank Him for that changes my perspective.

I want to have a grateful heart but I know it doesn’t just happen.  Being intentional in this simple thing has blessed me SO MUCH! 

I wish I had started doing this long ago.  Do you already end your day this way?

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