Wednesday, April 10, 2013

To do at home

First, thanks to everybody who left a comment on this post the other day – I trust the problem is fixed!  ‘Unknown’ received a lot of money to post his comments.  Not really.  But he should have.

I am almost completely recovered from a really ugly head cold.  I told you how Zicam has been a miracle-worker for me but I’m afraid I thought my early symptoms were allergy-related so I didn’t take my zinc.  Bad decision. 

Anyway, after three days of sneezing, gushing nose, itching eyes and sinus pressure I think I’m on the other side.  I still feel like I’m in a hollow container but I know my ears will eventually unplug.

I have a nice, long list of things to do at work including helping my husband get ready to go back to Ethiopia with Mark, our missions director.  Jeff only goes for 3 or 4 weeks at a time but Mark will be gone 4 whole months!  I cannot imagine not having my husband at home for that long.  I know Liane is grateful for family at home with her but it’s not easy!  I’m already trying to imagine a whole month without my best friend.

On my list of things to do at home are:
  • Make a map of our yard so I remember where things are planted.  We moved a rhododendron early this year and now I see that I have peonies popping up right next to the shrub.  This wouldn’t have happened if I had kept track of where I planted what.  I can see now where I’d like to plant some tulips for next year but in the fall, I won’t remember unless I make a map.
  • Plant perennials instead of so many annuals this spring. Try to avoid the annual sale of geranium starts at Freddies – 60¢ each.  Wish me luck because I will be drawn to the garden center like a magnet this week.
  • Make a video record of everything in the house (can you tell I know someone who lost their home and everything in it in a devastating house fire?).  Doing this will seem incredibly materialistic – filming my wood, hay and stubble.  But I don’t think I’ll regret doing it.
  • Scan all our family photos (same reason as above).  This item has been on the list so long it’s turning yellow, just like some of the pictures.  It’s overwhelming to me so I just need to start.
  • Spend some time to slowly read Richard Foster’s book ‘Prayer: Finding the Heart’s True Home’.  It is not a book to fly through – after all, he quotes people like Julian of Norwich and Thomas à Kempis.  I’d like to try to apply what I’m reading (what a novel idea!).

Hope you have a great Wednesday!

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