Friday, April 26, 2013

Praying for a generation of young women

Quick post...

If any of you 'older women' (aka 'past 30' in this case) would consider praying for a young woman in her 20's who is trying to follow Christ in the midst of some pretty tough opposition, please go to Beth's blog here.  There you can read about the really cool way she is linking up older and younger women by asking us to pick a girl from the list of comments to commit to pray for in the next 14 days.  

Many 20-somethings left prayer requests and there are still quite a few who don't have someone signed up to pray for them.  Maybe YOU are the one God would like to stand in the gap!  Scroll down to all the comments at the end of Beth's post to see where these girls have left their prayer requests. Then leave a comment letting her know you will be praying for her!

Here is the request on the Living Proof Ministries blog:

We were shocked and unprepared for that many of our 20-somethings requesting prayer.  We still have a sizable group left needing partners. (A good many of them beginning on page 13 to the end.)  If you would be so kind, reach out to some of your prayer warrior friends that usually aren’t in our community to come alongside these 20′s with us. We are so grateful. Your prayers matter.

I've been praying for my new friend for a couple days now and I'm so excited to know that our God answers prayer and that He is at work in her life in response!

And now, I'm off to see Beth in person!

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