Monday, April 22, 2013


We’re getting some warm and sunny weather this week - 76° by Wednesday.  That’s downright summer-like!  Time to get that down comforter off the bed, I’m thinkin’. 

And my empty hanging baskets are calling my name. 

hang baskets

These will start out looking pretty homely but you can see the progression from last year in the pics above.  (These empty hanging baskets with holes are from Bloom Master and while they were initially a bit spendy, they are so pretty when they’re full of color!)

I have to be honest… I did succumb to the pull of the garden center but I scaled way back in buying geranium starts.  I think I only bought 16.  You knew all along I would get some, right?   

I’m excited to get to hear Beth Moore this coming weekend with my two best buddies and then we’ll do some shopping/eating out/talking and then some more talking.  Last time we were together we were at Karen’s cabin for two nights and we really only stopped talking to go to the bathroom.  I sure look forward to our weekends together!  If you don’t do a get-away with girl friends at least once a year, consider yourself challenged to plan one.  If you can’t find anyone to go with, call me and I’ll go with you!

Guess what?  After entering The Pioneer Woman’s giveaway for a cookbook, I saw my name on the winner’s list!  Do you enter her giveaways?  Often it’s for things like a Kitchen Aid mixer or a Nikon camera.  It’s not at all unusual for over 25,000 people to enter one giveaway.  Can you imagine how shocked I was to see my name?  I never win anything!  So I contacted PW’s prize person and was told it was a different ‘Becky B’ who won. 
So that was embarrassing.  I guess I really don’t ever win anything. 

In other earth-shattering news, we helped my dear mother-in-law with some email issues yesterday.  She calls us whenever something goes wrong with her computer and it is so much fun to hear her describe what the problem is. 
“My little man isn’t showing up when I click the email.  He’s gone!” 
“The picture of the letter used to be right here but now it’s not.” 
“I don’t know what I did but after I fiddled around with the paperclip thing everything disappeared.”
“On my bill it said everything would be faster but I can’t make anything work since they changed it.”
We got it solved and she’s back to sending those email forwards that bring her so much happiness.  Oh, and playing Solitaire.  Just don’t ask her to do anything else!

I saw that yawn… okay that’s all the breaking news I have for today.  I’d better get outside!


Nancy Espinoza said...

I will be at Beth Moore also. We should look for each other. We are staying in Springfield.

BeckyB said...

Let's plan on meeting somewhere! We're staying at a HOUSE we found on VRBO. Everything was full!

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