Friday, April 5, 2013

No Comment

I just read something about blogging that made me hang my head in shame:

“A post without comments is like that abandoned house down the end of your street… creepy and not to be trusted.” 


Most all of my posts don’t have comments.  I don’t know why that is – it could be lack of anything to comment about.  It could be my blog readers are like me and read lots of blogs but comment on very few.  (People like us are called ‘lurkers’ in blog jargon.)   Or it might be they can’t leave a comment and I didn’t realize it.

This morning one of my old buddies and faithful blog readers (thanks Nancy!) sent me an email to tell me she’s tried to leave a comment here but can’t. 


So frustrating!  I could be hearing back from all six of you but for some reason Blogger isn’t cooperating.  So I did a little research and found a change I can make in my settings (changing my comment form option from ‘pop-up window’ to the ‘full page’ option).  I don’t know if this will solve it but it’s worth a try!

Several people also suggested that often the problem lies with the comment user’s computer: 
1) using an old version of their browser 
2) using security software that’s blocking/deleting cookies needed to store their login 
3) user has disabled the use of 3rd party cookies or
4) things like pop-up and other blockers are installed.

I don’t think it should be up to the person who wants to leave a comment to have to delve into their settings to do that but perhaps at least being sure you have the latest version of your internet browser will help you in lots of others ways as you use the internet.  I recommend Google Chrome because it’s the fastest and most secure browser out there right now - much better than Internet Explorer in my experience.  Even Mac users like it!

But let’s see if my settings adjustment solves this.  Would you help me out by leaving a comment?  Pretty please? 

Maybe, just maybe, 'Have A Cup' doesn't have to be an old, abandoned house after all!


Lisa Laree said...

Well, my blog is in the same corner of the neighborhood as yours! An occasional comment is all that shows up. But, according to sitemeter, only about a dozen people read it in a week...and about 4 of those visits are my mother.

But I seldom leave comments myself, as I read blogs vial Google Reader I have to 'click through' to the original post; most of the time I just don't take the time to do that. So I figure if I'm doing that, others are, too.

So I decided my blog was essentially for me (past posts have retaught me over and over...) and if anyone else gets anything out of it...that's gravy.... ;-)

Keep up the good work! A blog is not the sum of its comments ;-)

BeckyB said...

Bless your heart - thank you Lisa! I appreciate your perspective too!

Unknown said...

Always a wonderful read from a truly wonderful person.

Unknown said...

You are my favorite blogger. Ever. And my wife.

Unknown said...

You are the very best ever.

Nancy E. said...

Yay!! I was silly enough to think that when I tried to leave a comment about not being able to leave a comment you would still somehow get it. Anyway, glad I finally said something. :-)

I Love to read your musings!!

BeckyB said...

Aww shucks

BeckyB said...

Thanks for your heads up on this today... Look what happened!
I owe you one! Get well soon!

Renee said...

I LOVE reading your blog!!!! It comes right to my email which I also love :)
One thing that makes it hard is if you aren't signed into your google account or whatever then you lose your comment :( it just happened to me right now :) haha
Keep up he blogging!!!

BeckyB said...

Thanks Renee... why aren't you blogging any more?? Miss you!

Tilly said...

Hi Becky:) Ilove your blog and am a faithful reader, but have not been able to comment either:)

Natalie O (Minnesota)

BeckyB said...

Thanks Natalie... I hope we got this fixed! Hope you're doing well. Are things beginning to thaw yet?

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